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One of the important tasks of a roller shutter is to ensure sleep and relaxation

Sleep and Recreation

Healthy sleep is important so that body and mind can gain new strength.

Dr. med. C. Schenk of the ambulant sleep center Osnabrück noticed that 33.3% of the humans indicate more or less to suffer from sleep disturbances and that 70% of humans who visit a general physician, also come into practice because they are dissatisfied with their sleep.

Sleep disturbances can be a creeping health risk which is often noticed too late, stroke and heart attack risk increase by 10 to 15% warns the sleep physician Dr. med C. Schenk.

It is also known that in Germany and Europe half of all accidents at the wheel are due to the so-called microsleep.

A non-sleeping benefiting bedroom equipment is often a reason for sleepless nights.

Four factors are particularly important here

Rollläden helfen Hitze abzuhalten

1 - Plenty of fresh air

Permanent fresh air supply secured by protection against burglars at night.

Fresh air promotes the healthy sleep we need to ensure optimal performance of metabolic processes, hormonal balance and cell regeneration.

With each breath, the oxygen content in the room decreases and the exhaled carbon dioxide content in the room increases. Fresh room air contains 21% oxygen and 0.03% carbon dioxide. Exhaled air contains 16% oxygen and 4% carbon dioxide.

Indoor air with a carbon dioxide content of more than 0.5% already starts to endanger health and makes you sick in the long run.

Rollläden helfen bei der Abdunkelung

2 - Sufficient darkening

Sleep doctors advise that bedroom windows should be completely darkened. Disturbing light sources such as street lighting, advertising or moonlight prevent the release of the sleep hormone melatonin, which is only released in the pineal gland in the dark and whose production is inhibited by light.Melatonin not only regulates the sleep-wake rhythm, but also many biological functions such as kidney function, blood pressure and energy metabolism. In addition, Emily McFadden’s team has studied the sleeping behaviour of 113,000 British women and found that the brighter the bedroom, the more likely it is to increase. The researchers blame the sleep hormone melatonin for this effect.

The connection was already known to researchers from animal experiments. Mice that lived in a brighter environment put on more fat.

With a roller shutter a sufficient darkening of the sleeping area can be obtained, which in the summer, when the sun already rises against five and it remains late in the evening longer bright, for a deeper and healthier sleep provides.

Toddlers who sleep during the day also benefit from these advantages.

Optimale Schlaftemperatur

3 - Optimum sleeping temperature

This is between 15°C and 19°C. To reach this recommended room temperature:

Schutz vor Lärm, Lärmschutz

4 - A noise-protected bedroom

Windows are the biggest weak points in the noise insulation of a house.


Lärmbelästigung birgt ein Gesundheitsrisiko

Roller shutters against the health risk of noise

A study by the research association „Lärm & Gesundheit“ of the Charité Berlin proves that people who suffer from sleep disorders due to noise pollution at night are at considerable risk of cardiovascular diseases, depression and allergy.

Short-term and long-term consequences

Short-term and long-term consequences must be noted:

Fatigue, concentration problems, performance problems, malaise, increased accidents are the short-term consequences.

In the long term, the physical reserves are exhausted so that the regulatory capacity of the organ functions is disturbed.

The chronic noise effect

As a conclusion of the study it is noted that it is medically necessary to pay more attention to night-time noise pollution in the bedroom than is usual today.

The causes of noise are rarely to be eliminated. This makes effective insulation of the airborne sound passage in the building all the more important.

Tightly closing roller shutters considerably increase the airborne sound insulation of windows.

As the distance between the roller shutter and the window pane increases, soundproofing also increases. Under certain conditions, improvements of up to 15 dB can be achieved with a roller shutter.

For example, Rw=35 dB (sound insulation class 3) can be improved to Rw=50dB (sound insulation class 6) by a closed roller shutter.

Soundproof windows of this class would be complex and expensive.

To protect the climate, the Federal Environment Agency also recommends not installing soundproof windows with SF6. Gas fillings with sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) in sound-insulating glass panes would promote the greenhouse effect because SF6 belongs to the group of gases with the highest greenhouse potential. Even one tonne (t) of SF6 damages the atmosphere to an extent corresponding to 24,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2).

On the other hand, a secure influence of horizontal blinds on sound insulation is not to be expected, according to a publication on a final report of a research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing BMVBW.

Tightly closing roller shutters considerably increase the airborne sound insulation of windows.

For example, Rw=35 dB (sound insulation class 3) can be improved to Rw=50dB (sound insulation class 6) by a closed roller shutter.