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Rollläden stellen einen effektiven Einbrecherschutz dar

Cost-intensive burglar-proof windows become superfluous

Burglar Protection

Roller shutters are an effective protection against burglars They represent an effective barrier for your home.

Closed roller shutters increase security. Sliding up, unhooking or destroying roller shutters is very conspicuous, noisy and time-consuming, burglars lose interest in windows.

Also the burglar is insecure, because he does not know what awaits him on the other side of the roller shutter.

To completely exclude roller shutters as burglary gates, additional security packages for roller shutter systems are available. This includes reinforced der bars and covers the screwed guide rails so that they can no longer be accessed, as well as an anti-lift device as an insurmountable obstacle.

There are also motion sensors for windows which, when activated, ensure that the roller shutter closes automatically when uninvited guests try to gain access.

Automatic roller shutters also protect the „security“ function of the time switches, giving burglars the impression of a busy house.

If you want to sleep in summer with the window open you can secure yourself with a roller shutter that is so closed that numerous light slots remain open, permanent supply of fresh air and a relaxed night’s sleep, because the burglars are denied access by a secured roller shutter.